We're your 
automation artists.

We create polished software for people like you, without the clich├ęs you've come to expect from an online company.

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Multiply your time

Whilst knowing more than ever about your business

No-one can create time, but any task you find yourself doing on a regular basis is a prime candidate to be automated and removed from your daily concerns. The more tasks you can offload into software, the more time you have to cultivate new ideas and projects.

By automating tasks, you free up time and money which can then be invested in the future of your business. Grizzlyware can help automate your business and provide valuable insights as a result. Speak to us today for a free, no obligation consultation.

Customers don't call anymore

Online booking is the new normal

As consumers, we've changed how we interact with companies. Time and time again we reach for our smartphones to make that reservation or enquire about services. Consumers are more likely to favour a business that makes it easy for them to integrate contacting them into their day.

A website goes a long way to keep pace, however allowing customers to directly interact with your business and manage their own needs, all while keeping you in control, is the new normal. We can put you ahead of the curve with custom tools and customer service aids.

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Grow with you

We'll grow your idea from proof-of-concept to fledgling app. And if you want us, we'll be there when you're featured.

Adapt existing apps

Most of our history has been spent adapting third party software to better meet the needs of its users. We enjoy bending things!

Hand written code

All of our code is written by hand, with no code generation software in sight. We don't want a Skynet situation either.

Can do attitude

Man kind has flown spacecraft to the moon. We are a powerful species often limited by our own insecurities of the unknown. Grizzlyware's default response is yes.

It's your project

We don't impose restrictions on how your idea should be brought to life. We're not pushy. We'll suggest what we think is best, but it's usually not the only way.

Speak to us

Call or email us anytime, even if you're a customer! While technical issues are usually easier to solve via email, a phone call can quickly answer a pressing question.

The finer details

We're pixel pushers by nature, along with all of our code being indented. Our automation, while only a vitual concept as it's running, is written with great accuracy at its core.

Don't sit still

Tech is a fast paced industry. We don't do things the way we do because that's the way it's always been done. That's old business; we're keen to experiment in this changing landscape.

Flexible creation

Ever thought of licensing your own app? Cashflow is important for start ups and mature businesses alike. We break the mould with our attitude toward code ownership and licensing. Lets do you.

Automation; cogs in a heart shape

Automation so smooth, you're excited to see what it's been up to while you've been gone

We're always on the look out for situations in need of robust solutions. Drop us an email or give us a call today.

We live for creating complex and powerful automatic process managers that run quietly in the background, keeping the machine running. Reducing human input and room for error will save you both time and money.

Flexible ownership and licensing

We're open to help however we can, every situation is different and we don't believe in putting people into traditional boxes.

Hourly development

Tried and tested

Traditional hourly development is great if you don't want to pay a penny more than is required to get the job done, but understand that time estimations can never be truly accurate, in both directions.

You will own 100% of the code we write for you. Any additional work will be billed hourly and undertaken on your instruction. We can set billing caps and keep you informed on our burn rate.

Fixed project quotes

Most popular

A fixed price quotation will enable you to weigh up your options and compare us against other developers. This option is the most popular as you can budget accurately and have full ownership of your code.

We will deliver your project and fix any issues which may arise during integration with your existing systems. You will own 100% of the code, however any future modifications are not included in the initial project quotation.

Licensing your own app

Industry first

With no development cost at all, this is a great option for those looking to minimise risk and initial upfront investment when launching something new.

We'll manage upkeep of the code and you can re-license it as you see fit. Great for providing integrations for your customers to interact with your existing primary business, without committing to a full time development team.

Reach a paw out

We'd love to hear from you. No matter the size of your project or insignificant your enquiry, we're happy to help with no obligation. Non disclosure agreements can be authorised on request.

Speak to us

We're available to talk on the phone, anytime. Just give us a call: 020 8191 9950 (we're actually in Cornwall!)

We're located in the sunny Southwest of England if you'd like to speak in person. We're also happy to travel to discuss your requirements should it be required.

If you'd prefer to simply email us, you can reach us at: [email protected]