Hello, nice to meet you

Hello adds a greeting to your ticket replies in WHMCS, automatically working out who you’re speaking to.

It can save you seconds, hundreds of times a day, as well as some embarrassment!


  • Reliably determine the customer's name, even if they're not registered
  • Customise your greeting with the customer's details
  • Options to use the customer's title, name and company
  • Battle tested in help desks serving thousands of tickets a day


  • Reduce time spent typing the same thing over and over again
  • Remove the chance of staff mistyping customer's names
  • Prevent having to worry about who sent the last reply to a ticket
  • Avoid calling the customer by the wrong name
  • Potential to save hundreds of hours a year on larger help desks

We're reactive developers! Have a feature request? We'll add it quickly, at no extra cost.

£9.99 + VAT per year
VAT is only applicable to EU customers, and removed for non UK businesses in the EU with a valid VAT number. Read our FAQs for more information on licensing and pricing.
PHP 5.6+, WHMCS V7.0+