Ranger for WHMCS

Ranger for WHMCS allows you to sell your own software with license keys generated and validated by Ranger. Ranger for WHMCS combines the customer management abilities of WHMCS and the versatility of Ranger, which was built to satisfy our own needs for licensing.

The Ranger library was built to allow developers to validate against their own parameters and call back to their licensing server however they wanted to. It allows for hard and soft license check failures, preventing your apps from being stranded in the wild in the event of your license server going offline.


  • Automatic license key generation
  • Client area license management and reissuing
  • Reissue restrictions
  • Optional admin defined license restrictions
  • Optional license restrictions (to support load balanced servers for example)
  • Included license welcome email template in TXT and HTML
  • Restrict to IP (IPv4 and IPv6) addresses using CIDR ranges and/or full IPs
  • Licenses searchable via Intelligent Search
  • Custom key lengths, prefixes and suffixes
  • Open source and free to use, forever


  • Easily restrict and reissue licenses
  • Automate key generation
  • Validate against your own parameters
  • Prevent your app being stranded in the event of a server going offline

We're reactive developers! Have a feature request? We'll add it quickly, at no extra cost.

PHP 5.6+, WHMCS V7.0+
Functionality may be limited in older versions of WHMCS
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