Unit Tracker

After becoming frustrated with the time required to sit down and produce invoices and breakdowns for multiple clients, we developed Unit Tracker as a simple way to manage invoicing clients. Unit Tracker allows you to create custom price plans for different clients or client groups, bulk discounts (such as for minimum orders over a certain amount) and invoice summaries all in one place, without lots of manual calculations.

Example use cases

Unit Tracker is versatile, it can be used to sell almost anything. The most popular use cases include billing time for developers, designers, agencies and remote hands for data centres.

Developers and designers

Track time, create clean invoices and discount (or increase!) your price for certain customers and/or durations

Data centres/NOC

Remove the need to keep staff up to date with the current price of 'Remote Hands' for each customer

Digital agencies

Allows you to bill your clients by type of session, idea or license type sold


You can invoice your clients different rates for consulting on different subjects


Unit Tracker is a WHMCS addon designed to make the process of invoicing clients more efficient. This addon will be especially useful to those selling their time or licenses, however due to its customisation potential could be used for those selling physical products too.

Multiple pricing tiers

Charge different rates for different client and create pricing slabs

Sell anything

Allows selling of any type of unit in any quantity, such as time or boxes

Removes human error

Ensure you don't over or under charge your customers due tiered pricing

Consistent invoices

Each invoice line is drafted with a description detailing the amount billed

  • Set different hourly rates for different clients and client groups
  • Easily allow bulk discounts e.g. £40 per hour for the first 10 hours in a week, followed by £35 for subsequent hours
  • Automatically calculate invoices based on your custom price ranges and hours worked - no more complex calculations!
  • Input hours worked throughout the week and simply generate the invoice when desired at the touch of a button
  • Generate invoices as drafts, allowing you to validate them before sending to clients
  • Optional inclusion of tax for each type of unit you sell
  • Automatically generated breakdowns of billable totals, pricing tiers and historic totals
  • Fully responsive, allowing you to add entries on the go
£15.00 + VAT per month
£150.00 + VAT per year (2 months free)
Price is per license. A license is required per installation of WHMCS. Development licenses are available, please contact us.
VAT is only applicable to EU customers, and removed for non UK businesses in the EU with a valid VAT number.
PHP 5.6+, WHMCS V7.0+