A Pandemic and a new project

It’s safe to say that the past week has been a tough one for everybody. The uncertainty of how the…

Avatar for Nicci Smith Posted by Nicci Smith on March 17, 2020

It’s safe to say that the past week has been a tough one for everybody. The uncertainty of how the next few months will play out is taking its toll on businesses and customers alike. Among all the stress of the Coronavirus pandemic unfolding, we’ve been glad to have an interesting new project keeping us busy. 

A new project

We love starting new project. There is unbeatable satisfaction in planning all the intricacies of a new app; the data needed, the relationships between the data and the interactions between the user and the data. For us, planning always starts with the logic, with design following in order to optimise the UI/UX. 

Last week we worked on the initial stages of a CRM for a company which organises temporary skilled staff for other businesses. Keeping track of each client, location and temp manually is becoming very time consuming as our client’s business expands. Our CRM will store all contact information and credentials in one manageable location. The system will allow bookings to be made and displayed in a calendar, easily showing which staff are available for placements on any given date. 

Solid foundations

CRMs are our speciality, and we enjoy seeing how so many different businesses can use them in different ways. Although we build each system to be unique to our client, the foundations are usually a model, view & controller structure. Laravel is our usual framework of choice when building CRMs.  When we are planning, we take into account the data needed, where the data will be accessed from and how it will interact with other data sets, as well as how the user will be able to manipulate the data. So far, we’ve coded the logic to allow creation and management of profiles for clients, client’s locations and temps.

Temp Booking App Preview

The next stage

The next stage will be to allow users to create and manage bookings. Then we can create a calendar that will automatically display bookings. Once all the logic is in place and the app is fully functional, we will be able to look at the design. Aspects such as layout and colour ensure that the app is easy to use and consistent with our client’s branding.  

The completed app will allow our client to manage their bookings much more efficiently and consistently between staff. It will help them scale up an already growing business by letting them do their job more efficiently – just as a CRM should. Polishing up the final stages is the perfect way to keep us busy should we all be stuck inside soon!

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