Extending a CRM beyond the computer

Business as usual Well, what a surreal week. Fortunately, we work remotely anyway so the lock down hasn’t been too…

Avatar for Nicci Smith Posted by Nicci Smith on March 30, 2020

Business as usual

Well, what a surreal week. Fortunately, we work remotely anyway so the lock down hasn’t been too disruptive to our working lives. At a time where a trip to the supermarket requires advanced planning and outside exercise feels like the best gift imaginable, we’ve been grateful that work can still bring us a sense of normality! This week, our work has been centered around extending a CRM beyond the computer.

Using a CRM with barcode scanners

As software developers, we get to work with a whole range of exciting businesses, from hosting companies to property managers. Recently, we have been working with a custom print outlet. This has given us the opportunity to use some interesting tools and techniques that we don’t require too often. This week, we’ve been integrating a barcode scanner with the CRM we have built for them. 

More efficient order processing

So far, we have already built a system which allows customers to design their own projects and generate realistic previews, place an order and pay. The system also allows stock management, pricing and tax calculations and product creation by the company’s own staff. This past week we’ve focused on integrating barcode scanners with the system to let staff easily track and process orders. 

After some careful work and a lot of beeping, a barcode scanner can now be used to speed up order processing. Staff can scan the printed order form to bring up a detailed breakdown of the order on their computer. From here, staff can edit the order if needed. They can also see the status of the order. The order is displayed on the screen, as well as the base products needed to fulfil the order. 

Beyond the computer

This project demonstrates perfectly how extending a CRM beyond the computer can help a business run more efficiently. Once this system is complete, our client will be able to manage orders easily, from product generation right through to shipping. We are really enjoying bringing this system to life and can’t wait to get it ready to launch.

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