Ezra – the App for Mental Health and Well-being

Many of us will have mental health issues at some point during our lives, and this lockdown in particular is…

Avatar for Nicci Smith Posted by Nicci Smith on April 27, 2020

Many of us will have mental health issues at some point during our lives, and this lockdown in particular is taking its toll on many. So when we were approached by our local vicar to create Ezra, an app for mental health, we were more than happy to help. For many churchgoers, Church is a place to find support and friendship as well as to worship. We hope that Ezra will let them access the support they need whilst they are unable to attend in person.

What is Ezra?

Ezra is an app for mental health and well-being. It works by allowing users to create an account where they can log in daily and take a quiz. Questions cover aspects of both physical and mental health, such as taking exercise or having something to feel grateful for. The quiz has a points based scoring system, with higher scores being rewarded for healthy choices – both physical and mental. Once the quiz is completed, the user will receive their score and a short Bible reading to accompany it. The reading will correlate with the score, aiming to provide comfort or reassurance.

For users that have chosen to share their results, the Ezra team will be able to see if someone is consecutively getting low scores. They will then offer them individual support from the team or the user’s local vicar. Users can edit their profile and sharing preferences at any time. They can also view a detailed history of their previous quizzes, giving them a better insight into their lifestyle.

The Ezra team can also analyse use of the app via the admin area – to better understand how it is helping the community. This will help them to add more helpful features to the app in the future if necessary.

How does Ezra help?

Ezra offers support both from the Church and also a fully qualified mental health professional with over 20 years experience. This ensures that not only are users still able to access support from the Church, even when they can’t attend in person, but also that they can talk to a qualified mental health expert.

Users will also be able to gain better understanding of their habits and feelings by looking at how their results differ on different days. This should enable them to monitor their own well-being more easily.

Although quite different from our usual work on CRM systems, Ezra has been a really interesting project to work on. We hope it will be a useful mental health tool both during lockdown and into the future.

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