Helping our customers to help their customers

Another strange week Last week was another strange week for everybody. Many businesses have been in limbo, trying to decide…

Avatar for Nicci Smith Posted by Nicci Smith on March 24, 2020

Another strange week

Last week was another strange week for everybody. Many businesses have been in limbo, trying to decide whether they should remain open or not. Tensions have been high across the country, and we’ve seen many people venting their frustration at others on social media. However it hasn’t brought out the worst in everybody. We have enjoyed seeing some of our clients coming up with great ideas to help their own clients, and we’ve been working on a few smaller projects to enable this. 

Helping our customers to help their customers

Although the Government’s announcement that they would cover 80% of wages was a big relief for many people, there are still a lot of other costs that businesses must account for. Premises, stock and bills still need paying for even when closed. This can be a big hit to many (especially smaller) businesses. One of our clients, Krystal Hosting, are offering a helping hand to their customers by allowing them to defer invoices for the next three months if they are affected by COVID-19.

Delay an invoice button

We built them a system that allows their customers to delay their invoice by 3 months at the touch of a button. Once a customer receives their invoice, they will see the option to delay it. Once this option is chosen, customers are prompted to explain the reason for delaying the payments. The customer can then confirm this, and our software will automatically delay invoices for the next 3 months, one less thing for businesses to worry about when they are struggling.

Enter a reason for delay

Like most businesses, Krystal keep regular, precise records about how their customers use their service.  We integrated the invoice-delay software to Chartio so that Krystal can see how delaying invoices is helping people. Chartio is a great tool that businesses can use to represent their data, without needing a data scientist every time. Krystal are now able to view graphs relating to how their customers are using the delay option.

Looking for the positives

It’s a difficult time at the moment, but it’s nice to see people stepping up and helping each other. It has never been more important for businesses to support each other. For now, we are going to look for the positives and keep helping our customers to help their customers.

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