New Year, New Look – Refreshing Our Brand

Time for change Everyone is sick of the ‘New Year, New Me’ posts cluttering up their social media feeds, but…

Avatar for Nicci Smith Posted by Nicci Smith on January 7, 2020

Time for change

Everyone is sick of the ‘New Year, New Me’ posts cluttering up their social media feeds, but it is true that there is a refreshing energy that comes with a new year. As humans we love routine, and the New Year is one of the few occasions on which we embrace change. Change is intimidating but with change comes growth, and to make changes, you have to identify things that are suboptimal. At Grizzlyware, we are proud of our products, but noticed that our branding was a little off-target. So we decided that it was time to consider refreshing our brand.

Identifying problems and refreshing our brand

Who are we?

Feedback is important to us, so naturally after creating the brand we wanted to hear people’s honest opinions. When we visited the South West Business Expo, one frequent comment was that whilst people liked the name, they didn’t really understand what sort of company Grizzlyware was. Several people thought we were a clothing company! There are two ways to solve this problem: change our name or add a strap-line. We found that most people liked the name ‘Grizzlyware’ and our logo, so we decided to keep the name and add a strap-line. We spent a few hours brainstorming all the things we offer, and the qualities that set us apart. Eventually we decided on Resilient Software Development as we felt this reflected the robust and dynamic nature of the software that we take pride in building.

Once we ensured that what we do was clear, we decided to look at our personality. Since the beginning, we have had strong ideas of the qualities that are important to us. First and foremost we aim to be approachable and accessible to businesses of all sizes. Too often the tech industry is aimed at big businesses, but in reality smaller businesses are often the ones which could benefit most from automation or custom made software. We enjoy being able to offer trustworthy and friendly customer service, and be easily contactable. We are also proud of the quality software and websites we build, with the customer in mind and designed to withstand the test of time. Our brand needed to reflect this far more than it already did.

Reaching the right audience

Before we could implement any changes, we realised that we needed to sit down and think about our audience’s identity. Knowing who our audience are and what they like allowed us to target customers with similar values to us. We considered what is important to our audience at work – such as saving money and time, reducing human error and sleek and sophisticated websites. We also took into account our audience’s personalities outside of the work place, and which values we share. For example- trustworthiness, concern for the environment and appreciation of spending time with friends and family.

We also looked at what their understanding is. How much do our audience know about technology and the services we offer? Whilst we enjoy working with several tech-y companies, we realised that actually the majority of our audience isn’t tech-y. Originally, we felt that providing lots of technical information on the website showed our knowledge and experience. However in hindsight we realised that the jargon was overwhelming and confusing for a large proportion of our audience.

Online and offline branding

With a clearer understanding of our company and audience, we started looking at whether our online and offline branding matched. Whilst feedback suggested that in person we were approachable and accessible, our website didn’t align with this. The website was very tech-y, focussed solely on our experience rather than our values as well. The dark colour scheme made some of the text harder to read, and we had far too much textual information. After several weeks we were proud to launch our fully refurbished website, and a new colour scheme. Our logo with its new strap-line took pride of place. We also added client testimonials so people can understand how our products improve companies, rather than the intricacies of how they work. We will also be changing how we interact over social media, to ensure we are reaching the right people.

Changes for the future

Refreshing our brand was definitely the right decision. We are really happy with our new look and website, visit it to find out more about us! As always, we welcome any feedback. If you have any comments or ideas, please get in touch and tell us!

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