When to call an e-commerce website development agency to level-up your e-commerce operations

If 1/3 of marketing teams will spend budget on website redevelopment this year, what do they know that you don’t?…

Avatar for Josh Bonfield Posted by Josh Bonfield on March 13, 2024

If 1/3 of marketing teams will spend budget on website redevelopment this year, what do they know that you don’t?

If your site has limited scope for development, new products or scaling up… it might be time you considered an e-commerce web development upgrade to a more agile, secure and smoother platform. 

We know, however, that this can be a scary prospect and an investment of faith, time and money.

So, as a specialist e-commerce website development agency, we decided to try and help e-commerce managers figure out when the time is right to throw in the towel on the old site and launch a new one.

Let’s explore some of the red flags you need to know to decide if it’s time to replatform. 

What does an underperforming site look like? The red flags an e-commerce lead needs to know… 

  1. Does your site load quickly? And on mobile too?

Research shows that for every second the site loads faster, the conversion rate improves by 17%: slow-loading websites are more likely to increase bounces, each of which jeopardises your conversion rate.

Check your conversion rate KPI to help judge your website’s effectiveness: 2.5% to 3% according to industry leaders, but that doesn’t mean this is your business’s sweet spot. 

Having a baseline of 2.5% is a good place to start, but keep working to optimise this with conversion rate tactics.

Assess the loading speed of your current site.  If you have below 0.5%, you likely have room to improve.

A new platform might improve factors like image optimization, content delivery networks (CDNs), and deliver more efficient coding practices. 

You need a lightning-fast platform: have you got one?

  1. Is your cart abandonment rate below the desktop 69% average? 

The average shopping cart abandonment rate continues to be a challenge for online retailers. 

Research by Baymard Institute shows the average cart abandonment rate differs by device, on a desktop the average is 69%, compared to the sky-high 85 % of mobile shoppers hitting the exit button on the checkout page.

Reasons for this include:

  • 25% abandonment rate as account creation required
  • 18% too long or complicated checkout process. 

Is your checkout friction-free? If the average abandonment rate is 70% –  or higher – your abandonment rate is above average. Is it time to revisit your customer journey and payment / checkout functionality?

  1. As your catalogue changes and grows, can you update products, product tags and data categorisation easily? 

If your ability to control, add filters to or add custom data to product listings is limited, this is going to impact the customer experience… They want easily searchable and quickly discoverable products and their variants. 

The best e-commerce platform will hand you the power to control how listings are sorted, add sub-categories and let users refine them with ease. 

Your catalogue should be easily manageable through the built-in features of your web platform: if this does not describe your current web functionality, this is a red flag. 

If these questions have thrown up doubts about the performance of your site, we have some solutions.  

Solutions to your e-commerce website’s woes 

The Grizzlyware team’s mission and purpose is simple.  We’re skilled and experienced developers who care about leveraging the features and benefits of the platform to create fantastic sites that make the people who run them – and those who use them – happy. 

We feel the pain of companies who are tired of squeezing into off-the-shelf software and who are limited by poor communication with their dev teams or technical support. 

We created a guide to help these teams understand when it’s time to call time on their old e-commerce websites. 

What you get in Grizzlyware’s e-commerce website dev guide:

  • An easy-to-use checklist and our developer’s insights to help you assess the health of your current website and the next steps if the check identifies problems.
  • Comparisons between larger market leader e-commerce platforms – and ones that are changing the game for e-commerce
  • Expertise to help decision-makers across an e-commerce business ecosystem assess if it’s time for e-commerce web dev

For CEOs 

Have you been putting off addressing your most important customer-facing asset? We help you see the wood from the trees with our quick checklist to assess its performance and its frailties. 

For Marketing Managers 

Have you been trying to present the case for a new e-commerce web development project so you can be responsive to trends and maximise peak selling dates? Our guide can help you set the scene and offer your team a realistic health check on the site you know needs some TLC. 

For CFOs

Is your bottom line being impacted by global and societal contexts and you want to control what you can? Our guide presents the financial imperative for starting with your website and engaging an experienced e-commerce web dev agency to deliver your goals. 

Understand why you might need e-commerce web development and how to start the process with Grizzlyware’s Guide:

Why choose Grizzlyware as your e-commerce website development agency?

With Grizzlyware you get an expert Aero Commerce platform build from accredited developers – and the enduring relationship of a team that cares. 

If you’re ready to explore the options out there for your next website evolution, with a team who’s excited to show you what can be done… reach out to us for a discovery call. 

Achieve e-commerce excellence with Grizzlyware – the dev team that cares. 

Contact us: [email protected]

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