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When to Call Time on Your eCommerce Website With the Support of an eCommerce Website Development Agency

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Customers have higher expectations, and there’s greater competition for their hard-earned cash, meaning a website that’s no longer fit for purpose is the last thing an eCommerce manager needs.

That’s when eCommerce web development for a more agile, secure and smoother site is needed - but this can be a scary prospect and an investment of faith, time and money.

So, as a specialist eCommerce website development agency, we decided to try and help eCommerce managers figure when the time is right to throw in the towel on the old site and launch a new one.

This guide is the result of that goal.
Dive in!

Why eCommerce web development might be a must for your business

In the UK around 70% of shoppers drop off at the checkout stage

For every second a site loads faster, the conversion rate improves by 17%

A third of marketing teams will spend on web dev in 2024

Grizzlyware Guides: from an eCommerce website development agency that cares

What’s our eCommerce web development guide all about?

Let our director, Josh, explain all about eCommerce web dev and how our guide can support your decision to embark on a new project.

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What you get in Grizzlyware’s eCommerce website dev guide:

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Latest stats and trends on eCommerce platform performance and the challenges eCommerce businesses face in the UK.
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An easy-to-use checklist to see how your current website shapes up, and next steps for eCommerce web dev if it doesn’t. Simply answer the questions about your current eCommerce site and refer to our explainers for how they indicate a healthy one. (And, if your health-check diagnoses problems, we have your back).
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Comparisons between larger market leader eCommerce platforms and ones that are changing the game for eCommerce.

Our expertise can help decision-makers across an eCommerce business ecosystem assess if it’s time for eCommerce web dev


Have you been putting off addressing your most important customer facing asset? We help you see the wood from the trees with our quick checklist to assess its performance and its frailties.

Marketing Manager

Have you been trying to present the case for a new eCommerce web development project so you can be responsive to trends and maximise peak selling dates? Our guide can help you set the scene and offer your team a realistic health-check on the site you know needs some TLC.


Is your bottom line being impacted by global and societal contexts and you want to control what you can? Our guide presents the financial imperative for starting with your website and engaging an experienced eCommerce web dev agency to deliver your goals.

Why Grizzlyware?

The Grizzlyware team’s purpose is simple.

We’re a skilled and passionate eCommerce website development agency that cares about leveraging the features and benefits of the platform to create fantastic sites that make the people who run them - and those who use them - happy.

We like to build on Aero Commerce - a newer eCommerce platform that gives the Grizzly team the tech to flex our dev muscles and create mighty sites that take businesses across the country to the next level.

Aero Commerce is a complete eCommerce solution with speed, integrations, cost and usability that are second-to-none.

Learn more about its comparative benefits to Shopify and WooCommerce in our guide.

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