Solving problems makes us tick

Meet the park rangers keeping things running

© Jason Bonfield Photography
Photo of Josh


From flicking the voltage switch on his father's computer from 240v to 110v and blowing up the PSU to prototyping and building an Arduino powered coffee roaster and connecting an LED to WHMCS, Josh is always looking for the next challenge. Away from the computer, Josh is earning his Tough Mudder headbands and attempting to culture a culinary herb garden.

Pros: Great viking beard and excellent BBQ skills. Also pretty savvy at DIY.

Cons: Hiccups after spicy food and a fan of Vengaboys. Terrified of wasps.

Photo of Nicci


During her time as a lab tech for an International company, Nicci has been involved in hundreds of high value projects requiring precise work, organisation and client confidentiality. In her search for the next challenge after completing various marathons and even an ultramarathon, Nicci started teaching herself to code and was soon captivated by the concept of bringing ideas to life.

Pros: Fantastic memory. Addicted to self-improvement. Never gives up.

Cons: Cringes at metal touching teeth. Scared of road sweeper wagons.

Photo of Fisher, the company mascot


Fisher is the head of customer interactions. He is a courageous and adventurous young bear with a heart of gold honey. Fisher's responsibilities include promoting the Grizzlyware brand, ensuring customers are satisfied and at busy times, debugging the code. During his spare time, Fisher enjoys "sampling" Josh's latest BBQ recipes while watching Nicci run, from the safety of his sofa.

Pros: Excels at climbing trees and can eat an alarming amount of salmon.

Cons: Sleeps for months at a time, refuses to share the honey.

Grizzlyware logo


Here at Grizzlyware we are proud to show off our loyal customers and their experiences with the company. With our brand ambassador scheme, we get to spread the word and thanks to our connections with merchandise outlets, our ambassadors can look forward to some cool perks too! If you are passionate about the service we have provided to you and want to become a part of our team, please get in touch.

Pros: A range of perks for you, reliable word-of-mouth advertising for us.

Cons: Your friends will be jealous.