Move fast and build things

Take a look at what we've worked on over the years

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We're confident that we can make WHMCS do just about anything you need it to do; from addon modules to full featured REST APIs and two factor auth for contacts.

We've spent a lot of time extracting data from cPanel for integrity purposes. We've also developed self-help malware tools and two way communication with central control systems, and more.

We created a Stripe module for WHMCS, before they did themselves, enabling our clients to take advantage of tokenised payments ahead of their competition. We're also up to speed with SCA.

We've developed systems to delay the replacement of aging hardware by allowing the automatic safe restart of equipment. This prevents any "bag over a smoke alarm" situations.


Laravel, our framework of choice, allows us to build any size of app without reinventing the wheel for each new project. It's support for background task management is our favorite feature.


Vue.js breathes life into our user interfaces, making the buttons work and displaying the data that's generated. It's what allows us to develop user interfaces as fast as we do.


We adopt the latest web technologies in our software, and let the computers do the work. This could mean generating a gradient with CSS instead of a graphics editor, which is much faster.


Redis is essentially a high speed database which can be used for caching, task queue management and much more. When it's used correctly, it can significantly speed up applications.

A glimpse at
what we've built…


Increasing reliability
  • Applications to transfer domains upon renewal between registrars
  • Finance exporters and computation
  • License key handlers
  • Automatic object transfer systems
  • Data extraction from authenticated platforms
  • Queue management and positioning, including controls for bumping
  • Public event ticketing systems
  • Client notification systems


Reducing repetition
  • REST APIs and consumers
  • Hosting client self help tools
  • Support systems to improve staff efficiency, detect troublesome users and live track staff activity on chat, telephone and tickets
  • UI and task managers for Imapsync
  • Asterisk caller ID integration with WHMCS
  • Human anger detection patterns
  • Reactive calculators
  • One click feedback forms

More of what we've
worked on…

  • Two factor systems
  • Live statistic feeds via WebSockets
  • Screenshot managers
  • Physical access control request systems
  • Reactive LED matrix via Raspberry Pi DMX to the internet
  • Shopping carts, from the ground up
  • Data graphing models and preprocessors
  • SMS notification apps
  • IoT devices and MQTT platforms
  • Node.js applications