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Here are some of our favorite projects that we've worked on over the years

Improving customer support times

Netwise are a company who pride themselves on their customer service. They came to us looking for a way to make their ticket response time even faster. Netwise proposed that having a visual system in the building to show when a ticket was pending would allow their staff to promptly answer the ticket and respond to the customer's needs.

Our solution

Netwise bought some professional grade multicoloured LED light bars to mount in prominent locations around the office. We started by writing software within their client support system to expose the number of tickets waiting in the queue. We then wrote separate software for a Raspberry Pi (a tiny computer) that would retrieve the number of tickets in the queue and instruct an onboard lighting controller to set the lights to red if there were tickets waiting. This meant that all staff would be instantly aware when a ticket needed answering. As soon as the ticket had been answered, the lights would automatically turn off. This software has allowed Netwise to further improve their response time, giving customers an even better user experience.

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Transferring thousands of locked domains

Panthur wanted to change their domain name supplier, but without annoying their customers with lots of confusing steps. When a domain is transferred, it is also renewed. Customers are responsible for renewal costs, so it is best to wait until a domain renewal is due before transferring so that the customer doesn't have to pay earlier than expected. The transfer process is lengthy, with multiple steps including sending the transfer request, unlocking the domain and obtaining an authorisation code. As domain renewals will be spread across the year, lots of time would be wasted transferring all the domains manually.

Our solution

We automated the domain transfer process as much as possible. When a domain came up for renewal, our software would automatically send a transfer request to the new supplier instead of a renewal request to the old supplier. It also automatically unlocked the domain and fetched the authorisation code - something that would normally have to be done by the customer. This not only saved Panthur time, but also meant that customers only had to pay the renewal cost as normal rather than obtaining the code and unlocking the domain themselves too. Our software provided a much smoother user experience for the customer, and a much more efficient system for Panthur.

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Property management invoicing

We were recently contacted by a property management company who found they were wasting a lot of staff hours each quarter manually creating invoices. They had found that off-the-shelf invoice management software didn't work for them, due to their need to proportionately split costs between different tenants within their properties. They needed a system that would allow them to add global recurring costs across all properties as well as one off costs that could be applied to just one property or tenant.

Our solution

We built an invoice management system that allows recurring costs to be automatically added to invoices, and one-off costs to be added when necessary. The system automatically calculates the share of a cost that each tenant should pay unless stated otherwise. Costs could be applied to a single property, or to all properties managed by the company. This software allows information about each property and its tenants to be stored in one secure location, including previous invoices, and can be easily found using the search bar. Invoices can be generated as a PDF at the touch of a button, but can still be edited after generation, should that be necessary. We also included the ability for invoices to include any payments taken on account, removing this from the end balance to pay. Not only does this system save valuable time each quarter, it also reduces the chance of human error as everything is stored in one place and easy to access. The system was built in such a way that it would be easy to add more features and a customer portal in the future, should this be required.

The Grizzlyware team just get it. We’ve never put any development project or concept to them that they haven’t immediately understood, and then dramatically improved. They are without question our go-to development and automation experts, and we’d recommend them endlessly to anyone who need software gurus in their corner.

Josh and his team automated components of my business that weren’t readily available off the shelf - components that other companies struggled to accomplish were well thought out, tested and developed. One of the most proficient well thought out developers I’ve ever worked with and will continue to work with.

Your business always has plenty of things that require your attention. One of the best things about Josh is that I can explain what we're trying to do, once, and then he goes away and does it. Properly. First time. He even thinks through the task to pre-empt problems before they come up. This is an incredibly valuable time saver and just one of the reasons why we've kept on working together all this time.

Grizzlyware were able to offer me a custom made invoicing system, specific to my business requirements. The system is great and ongoing customer support is excellent.

We’ve worked with Grizzlyware on a number of projects. From start to finish - initial consultation, proposal and finished project the service & support has been first class. Often Josh will come up with creative and technically excellent solutions. Grizzlyware are now our go-to developers.

Josh has unrivalled knowledge of WHMCS which is only beaten by his quick turnaround times.