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We'll bend WHMCS to make it work for you.

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WHMCS is a powerful piece of web hosting automation. However, it can sometimes need a few tweaks to it's core functionality to suit your business model. We've been working with WHMCS for almost 10 years and can make it do pretty much anything you need it to do. We've even built two factor authentication systems for sub accounts   for one of our customers.

We're available to create custom integrations with domain registrars, VPS platforms, payment gateways and much more.

We can also extract data from WHMCS to help you generate new reports, charts and data dashboards for a bird's eye view of your business.

Unencrypted and
ready to go.

Take a look at our existing modules.

Hello 2.0

Take the guess work out of replying to customers
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Hello will add a greeting to your ticket replies, pre-filling the customer's name in your reply, saving you time and potential embarrassment with a wrong or misspelt name.

YubiKey Multi

Use multiple YubiKeys to authentciate with WHMCS
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Allow your clients and staff to register more than one YubiKey, giving them the flexibility to use 2FA with the device that suits them most.

Vendor 2.0

Automated distribution of license and product keys
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Do you sell product keys or codes? Vendor allows you to automatically distribute them to clients instantly on payment directly from your WHMCS.

Unit Tracker

Simple and efficient invoicing
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Allows you to easily generate detailed and consistent invoices, with tailored pricing tiers, simply by tracking hours worked.

Email Catcher

Prevent leaking clients emails to one-another
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Prevent pasting the wrong email address to a client in a support ticket. Email Catcher's smart matching patterns protect your clients and help you with GDPR.

WHMCS Vagrant Box

Kickstart WHMCS development
Logo for WHMCS Vagrant Box

This Vagrant box can be used to simulate a live WHMCS installation to help speed up local development and test new code, without risking your production environment.

Ranger for WHMCS

Generate, distribute and validate license keys
Logo for Ranger for WHMCS

Sell your software to customers with robust validation. Ranger for WHMCS allows for hard and soft license check failures, so your apps won't be stranded in the wild if your license server goes offline.

Salmon for WHMCS

IDE friendly, enhanced classes for WHMCS
Logo for Salmon for WHMCS

Fed up having to create and maintain MySQL tables to store data in WHMCS? Salmon for WHMCS includes an easy to use key value data store that allows you to write more eloquent code.

The Grizzlyware team just get it. We’ve never put any development project or concept to them that they haven’t immediately understood, and then dramatically improved. They are without question our go-to development and automation experts, and we’d recommend them endlessly to anyone who need software gurus in their corner.

Josh and his team automated components of my business that weren’t readily available off the shelf - components that other companies struggled to accomplish were well thought out, tested and developed. One of the most proficient well thought out developers I’ve ever worked with and will continue to work with.

Your business always has plenty of things that require your attention. One of the best things about Josh is that I can explain what we're trying to do, once, and then he goes away and does it. Properly. First time. He even thinks through the task to pre-empt problems before they come up. This is an incredibly valuable time saver and just one of the reasons why we've kept on working together all this time.

Grizzlyware were able to offer me a custom made invoicing system, specific to my business requirements. The system is great and ongoing customer support is excellent.

We’ve worked with Grizzlyware on a number of projects. From start to finish - initial consultation, proposal and finished project the service & support has been first class. Often Josh will come up with creative and technically excellent solutions. Grizzlyware are now our go-to developers.

Josh has unrivalled knowledge of WHMCS which is only beaten by his quick turnaround times.