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We offer an outside perspective of how your business runs and detect problematic areas which may be hindering workflow, communications and marketing. More importantly, we'll suggest improvements and create invaluable long–term solutions to bridge technology platforms, foreseeing issues and putting in preventative measures before they occur.

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1. Stakeholder discovery

We converse with stakeholders to better understand their business model, digest their company values and capabilities and find out what problems need fixing and what they are hoping to achieve going forward.

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2. Working together

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We discover how the various divisions of your company are working together, investigate customer and employee engagement, and establish where bottlenecks and inefficient workflow could be improved.

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3. Assessment and planning

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We assess the current departments of the business, uncover any problems and explore how they should be working together.

We plan how each department will depend on the new system and provide invaluable insights as to how they'll interact with each other in the future.

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4. Reporting

We report back to our clients with the results of our analysis; including company shortfalls, what's going well and where can we help improve the business.

We construct a digital strategy for the business and suggest what we can do to solve any highlighted issues.

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"Grizzlyware automated components of my business that weren't readily available off the shelf — components that other companies struggled to accomplish were well thought out, tested and developed. Grizzlyware are one of the most proficient well thought out companies I've ever worked with and will continue to work with."

Adam Seliman

Founder of Panthur

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We grow our clients' innovative technology platforms from our seeded foundation, Cub.
Customised with our hand–crafted and fully–tailored components to solve problems unique to their business, our fully bespoke, hybrid approach to digital transformation allows us to generate change simply and quickly, without compromising on quality.
We build digital solutions for businesses across all sectors
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